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My #purpose is to help create #safe work #environments that enable #people to be #happy, #creative, #effective and #proud of their work.



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I think The Arbinger Institute are on to something. It is still not 100% clear for me how someone gets in the box in the workplace, but I can definitely recognise the situation where one would throw trash at the company, without a clear understanding of why and what is the actual problem. It is easier to throw trash at something or someone else than criticising yourself. And while blaming the others, you make yourself look better in your eyes, you justify your failure, “it’s because of the…


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I enjoyed reading this book, it is quite an easy read, which you wouldn't expect after you go through the Scrum Guide. It goes through the origins of Scrum and the concepts behind it. It is filled with success stories, projects that were not going that well (now that's an understatement), like the Sentinel project of the FBI, and how applying Scrum to them improved their outcome.


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  * My rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

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In a world where agile is mostly understood as processes, Lyssa Adkins includes in it also the human part. So an agile coach doesn't just take care of the process, but coaches…

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