Alex Chiritescu

Alex Chirițescu

My #purpose is to help create #safe work #environments that enable #people to be #happy, #creative, #effective and #proud of their work.

The Vision


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Every year, I manage to read one or two books that get my mind going and give me ideas that I could either apply right away or that set me on a larger path of discovery. One or two out of tens, or to be more specific, last year, out of thirty. I started to look into ways I could organise notes and ideas that I find in books in a better way. When I read about the commonplace book method on Ryan Holiday’s blog, I was a bit reluctant, but I liked the idea of taking notes by hand. It feels more real…


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As a developer, my first impulse when the service I’m developing is malfunctioning is to jump right on it and try to fix it. But while I do that, I can’t help thinking about who is affected by it and how bad and if they will notice it. Then there’s the first five to ten minutes of the investigation, when I realise how far I am from finding a solution, yet, I keep thinking “Almost there, almost there!”. Five minutes become twenty and twenty become an hour. In the meantime, users start reaching…

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