Alex Chiritescu

Alex Chirițescu

My #purpose is to help create #safe work #environments that enable #people to be #happy, #creative, #effective and #proud of their work.



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There are a lot of very interesting podcasts out there that I like to listen to, as much as time allows me to do so. But I noticed that I don't recall much out of them and I feel the need to go through them again. It would be great if all podcasts came with a transcript, so I can quickly revisit the parts that interest me. Unfortunately, making transcripts to your podcasts can be quite expensive, which is why most authors don't do so or put them behind a paywall.


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Before it arrives, everything is pretty calm. There's the occasional walker and the soothing sound of the fountain, but not much else. Everything else is synchronised with its arrival. The majestic metal runner that brings people to their destination.


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It was a dark rainy night. You could hear some stray dogs howling, probably annoyed as well by the heavy rain. Everyone was at home. Well, except us, me and Marcel. We were getting ready for what was supposed to be my first live deployment since I joined Codis.

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