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Alex Chirițescu

My #purpose is to help create #safe work #environments that enable #people to be #happy, #creative, #effective and #proud of their work.



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Radical Candor or something with similar principles is essential for everyone to use in the work place to create connections with the others and learn and improve. It is also something that can require a lot of conscious effort to accomplish. But also to some it comes naturally in part. While reading the book, I remembered situations from my experience when I could've reacted in a better way. It also made me see opportunities in my every day work where I could do better. That's the first part.…


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I think The Arbinger Institute are on to something. It is still not 100% clear for me how someone gets in the box in the workplace, but I can definitely recognise the situation where one would throw trash at the company, without a clear understanding of why and what is the actual problem. It is easier to throw trash at something or someone else than criticising yourself. And while blaming the others, you make yourself look better in your eyes, you justify your failure, “it’s because of the…


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Think of one of your employees. Imagine he asks you the following: how would you sell my job position to me, if I would be a candidate to be hired for it?


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Some of these things are so simple that are easy to ignore, other are a little bit too abstract to act on them right away. It depends on each of us to act on the things we believe in, to make it our mission to fight for our ideas. Millions of books have been written about these subjects, yet most of the modern workers continue to ignore them. I’m going to add another drop to the ocean of recipes of presumed success, here it goes, take it with a bit of hope:

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