One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my career so far is that it doesn’t matter how good someone is in his or her field, this doesn’t mean much if (s)he is not able to work and communicate well with others.

I’ve always been interested in analysing myself and others and try to make changes for the better. This is how I started to realise the importance of having a great environment to work in. So a couple of years back I started to switch focus from being a developer to looking at interactions, communication, motivation, process and people. This meant paying more attention to all these aspects and absorbing more and more information about them. It also meant trying to apply some of the things I learned into the workplace. Either by tweaking process, doing presentations, having meaningful conversations, taking initiatives, being an example in successes or in failures.

I became interested in agile as its values and principles resonate well with my aspirations. I took the role of Scrum master or process lead, because I saw it as an opportunity to improve the environment around me but also to learn, experiment and push my boundaries. I see agile as a way and not as a goal.

My goal or my purpose is to help create safe work environments that enable people to be happy, creative, effective and proud of their work. All this to contribute to a vision where people wake up every day inspired to go to work, feel safe while they’re there and accomplished at the end of the day by the work they did.